Fun Backpacking Abroad

Fun Backpacking Abroad

5 Apr 2013 13:54:00

Lately, backpacking has been being favorite for many travellers. Visiting many cities and countries with cheap cost is an option that will surely give you an extraordinary experience. Not only inside our country, backpacking can also be done to abroad, but still with minimum budget and well-arranged plan and preparation. Here are some tips of what things should be prepared if you want to try a new experience by doing backpacking to abroad:

Choose right destination

When you decide to go backpacking, it means that you need to plan and prepare everything by yourself without any travel agency’s help. It might sound a bit troublesome, but you can get many experiences by doing so. The first thing to be done is trying to find tourism destinations you want to visit, but you need to find some information of the condition of your destinations. You can get plenty informations by browsing on internet. Find as many informations as you can get from many websites describing about your destinations. When you have found the right destination to visit, you can then try to find out on how you can get there with minimum budget. In, you can get and book the cheapest flight ticket price.

Scan and copy your ID card

Before you depart, it’s better for you to scan and copy some of your ID cards and tickets. It will help you to anticipate unwanted things happened during your backpacking trip.

Bring only things you need

Though you’re a backpacker, doesn’t mean that you can bring many things. Arrange your things as minimum as it can be. Choose thin clothes in order not spend to many spaces in your bag. You will not only be free of extra charge for plane’s baggage, but you will also not get troubled by those things during your trip.

Find out the weather info

Another important information you need to know is about the weather in your destination. By knowing what season is in your destination, you can prepare everything even better. You can also prepare clothes and any equipment related to the season / weather in your destination,

Bring stationery, maps and learn local language

Stationery and maps will surely be useful to help you communicating in your destination. Sometimes the pronunciation we say with local people’s pronunciation are quite different making them not understanding what actually you mean. If this happens, you can write down something and give them the writing you make. Preparing yourself by learning local people’s daily expression or chit chat will also help you in asking several simple things like direction or addresses and restaurants.

Prepare cash money

Another thing you need to pay attention to is preparing money (in cash). It’s better for you to bring the common currency, US dollars, which will directly be able to exchange to local currency. Though you’re planning to use an ATM, just in case, you need to bring along cash money.

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