Smoothen your vacation using social media

Smoothen your vacation using social media

29 Apr 2013 09:56:00

Social media is a place where you can share various moments you have with your relatives wherever you are. If you know how the social medias work, you can use them to smoothen your vacation. Though recently there were some crimes using social media as covers, but it doesn’t mean that social media is completely harmful. As long as you know how to use them correctly, social medias will definitely help your travel. Here are some ways to utilize social media for your vacation:

Write a  status

Sometimes writing status about your travel plan on Facebook, Twitter or other social media will help you on your travel later on. But remember, don’t too detail writing your travel and condition. Just write about your plan on going on some city or country. Just mention the city you’re about to go to for telling the information too detail can harm you. Your aim is to know about your friends response and the most important thing is to know more about the city you’re about to go by your friends who live there.

Sometimes your cyber friends (on the same social media) will ask you to meet face to face if you’re happened in the city they live in. The benefit you can get is that you can meet them and perhaps they will give you more detailed information about interesting tourism destinations in their city. But remember to meet stranger at public places and always increase your vigilance and security especially when you’re alone.

Use searching page

By using search page on some social media like Facebook, you can find the official Facebook page of a city you can use to get informations about that city. You can also find out some of your friends who have been in the city you’re about to go. It’s better if you can find your old friend who lives in that city now to tell you which cheap inn you can rent later.

Find a new friend

If you can’t find your old friend who live in the city you’re about to go to, social media can be used to find new friends. There are several ways you can do, one of them is finding out whether your friend has a friend who live in that city. Or join official backpacker forum or others on Facebook. They will be gladly tell you important informations and perhaps accompany you while you’re having your vacation.

Sometimes you can also find new friend who are about to go to your destination also. So you can have companions while having vacation. You can try to find new friends during a week before your departure. In a week before your departure, you can find many informations about the city you’re about to go to. Your plan might become more interesting for you already have more informations about interesting tourism. But if you think your new friend is suspicious, don’t hesitate to stop conversation.

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