Turning on the phone on the plane will cause fatal consequences

Turning on the phone on the plane will cause fatal consequences

3 Jun 2013 18:45:00

Perhaps most passengers know about the rules saying that it’s prohibited to turn the phone on while on the plane. But surprisingly many people are still doing it, especially in Indonesia. Yet every time the cabin crews are never weary to remind the passengers to turn off the phone.

It is related to the lack of public awareness on aviation security and most people probably have not fully understood what great harm can result from trivial things like turning on the phone on the plane.

It indeed seems trivial and often neglected, but turning on the phone on a plane can cause great harm. Why can it be very dangerous? Because if by chance the mobile phone frequencies we turning on in the same plane is the same with the frequency of aircraft turbine engine, the turbine engine aircraft system would be malfunctioned and it will be more dangerous if suddenly the aircraft turbine suddenly crashed. As a result of the demise of aircraft turbine engines is certainly a fatal consequence.

In addition, the signals from mobile phones may also cause other hazards on the flight as the plane flew way off the mark, causing impaired inaudible VOR (VHF Omnidirectotional Receiver), annoying fuel indicator, steering system disorders and HIS Indicator (Horizontal Situation Indicator) is disrupted.

Mobile is a powerful communication tool, especially these days there are sophisticated smartphones available. Mobilephone is important and very useful, even so we still have to use them wisely. Do not let the selfishness of some aircraft passengers could jeopardize all the other passengers. There are many plane crashes caused by an on-cell phone. Be thoughtful, turn off the phone or select airplane / flight mode upon entering the plane and then turn it on again after the plane is actually stopped.

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