The Most Luxurious Airport Hotels in the World

The Most Luxurious Airport Hotels in the World

3 Jun 2013 18:49:00

Nowadays, airport hotel has been more attractive and become one of the alternative options to stay for the traveler. The traveler who just transit or because of far distance from the airport, they choose to stay at an airport hotel rather than taking the risk to miss the plane. Especially in the big cities of the world which are famous for their frequent traffic jams. Although located only at the airport but the hotels facilities are equivalent to 5-star hotels in major cities. These are the most luxurious airport hotels in the world:

Sofitel London Heathrow, London

This airport hotel is famous for its very modern architecture. It has rooms from standard rooms to imperial suite rooms. The imperial suite rooms have a luxurious bathroom with a touch of Swarovski crystals. This airport hotel is also completed with three restaurants serving delicious dishes as well as two bars and a spa on the theme of nature such as wood, stone or glass.

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport, Vancouver

Existing landscape at this airport hotel is one of its appeal. Simultaneously through this airport hotel room you will be presented with a view of the runway in the form of a panoramic mountain backdrop. All rooms at this hotel are also soundproof. Facilities are complemented by restaurant with homey atmosphere and spa that provides a choice of 130 different treatments and therapies. The hotel itself is located just above the departure terminal.

Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong

The most interesting thing in this hotel is a special line directly connecting the hotel and the international departure terminal. In addition, each room is designed in a modern and contemporary style. Other facilities included are a spa with outdoor Jacuzzi, steam room and massage service. The pool is also available there. Moreover, this hotel is relatively close to the city center. Visitors can simply use the shuttle bus to get downtown.

Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich, Munich

The hotel is designed as comfortable as possible. The floor is made of wood increasingly beautify this hotel, not to mention the glass facade illuminated by colored lights. There are complete amenities starting from swimming pool, spa and a 24-hours gym. You also get the wow pickup facility. If going back to Munich Airport, you will be picked up by a BMW 7 series limousine.

Cedarbrook Lodge, Seattle

Although it is only about five minutes from SeaTac International Airport, but this airport hotel has a green and lush area. Its natural scenery is very interesting. The wide area of "‹"‹about seven acres make tourists not only can relax in the hotel room but also do other outdoor activities.

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