Backpacking to Europe

Backpacking to Europe

15 Jul 2013 02:04:00

Who says Europe is not a country suitable for backpacking, related to the notoriously expensive cost of living in Europe. But make no mistake, the countries in Europe become one of the favorites of the backpacker. Countries in Europe have many beautiful sights like fairyland. Anyone would want to visit there and enjoy its natural beauty. Given the drastic differences between the cultures and customs of European countries to Indonesia, there are some things you should consider in order to backpacking to Europe go smoothly:

Determine the schedule

Before leaving, make sure you already have a list of cities you will visit upon arriving in Europe later. Europe has many attractive cities for you to visit as Amsterdam, Paris or London. Making travel plans will also help to control your expenses will be.

Prepare clothes

Unlike Indonesia, countries in Europe have 4 seasons, summer, spring, autumn and winter. Make sure in advance when you will be visiting Europe so that you can figure out what season is going on in there. Bring clothes according to the season. Choose the most comfortable clothes for you to wear.

Find cheap places to eat and lodge

Look for inexpensive lodging and places to eat there. That way you can use your money for other purposes. You should not choose to stay in the downtown area because it is much more expensive. For food you can find out through the internet where to eat any recommendation of the backpacker in Europe.

Choose cheap transportation

There are a variety of transports in Europe as budget plane or train. Choose the cheapest transportation. If you choose to use rail trains during the day, the tariff will be cheaper than the train at night. In some European countries also use City Pass or ticket system that can be used for unlimited use of public transport in all pay. You can use it and find more information about the ticket because the name is usually different in each city.

Bring copies of important documents

Personal documents are always important to carry wherever you go whether it is at home or abroad. Therefore do not forget to bring your important documents such as ID cards, visas and passports. You can also bring in softcopy format to make it more practical.

Bring the information search tool

Another important thing you must bring is the information search tool, such as a map, compass or guide book that can help you safely go around Europe. In this era you can also take advantage of the sophistication of existing technology with smart phone apps that can help you in your journey.

Beware of crime

Countries in Europe are developed country, but there are still crime there. For that you should still be aware of the conditions around you, especially if you're in a crowd.

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