Aircraft History

Aircraft History

19 Jul 2013 22:18:00

From long time ago, human beings have always been thinking about how to fly. Much has been done to realize the dream of flying. One way that humans do to be able to fly is imitating the way a bird flapping its wings. But man is not a bird. Although tried flapping hand, of course this way does not make humans can fly. Yet people continue to think and be creative until in 1890 the twins Orville and Wilbur Wright got the idea to make the aircraft adapted by bicycle concept.

Then in 1899 they succeeded in assembling a kite with two large wings. They used the tail and wings to control the direction and altitude of the plane. But the Wright brothers successfully flew the new plane with Orville Wright as a driver in 1903, which flew 36 feet high for twelve seconds. This plane was called the Wright Flyer. Subsequently in 1908 the Wright brothers developed their findings by creating a plane with twelve horsepower engine, a wingspan of twelve feet made of wood coated with cotton fabric. The aircraft was also equipped with a pilot under the wing where the pilot had to drive in a lying position. The aircraft flew for one hour and a half.

This plane of the twin Wright brothers was the beginning of the development of the aircraft, which until now has been more and more sophisticated. Aircraft development process was not separated from the histories of aircraft accidents that occurred in the past much like an airplane crash which first occurred on September 17th, 1908 where the Wright brothers aircraft crashed. The accident killed Lieutenant U.S. Army, Thomas E. while Orville Wright who was with him was injured.

There was another story of plane crash history which was pretty well known to the victim pilot Amelia Earhart who dreamt of traveling around the world. In 1937 on her journey to realize the dream, Amelia Earhart and Putnam had an accident because of the loss of radio signals and their plane lost its way. The accident remained a mystery until now because of the wreckage and the two crew members have not been found until now.

Plane crash that happened made the inventors develop the aircraft to a safe and sophisticated until now. Many processes that have been passed and the difficulty of the process did not make them given up. Currently aircraft companies continue to grow and thrive. Today's aircraft is able to carry more than 300 passengers with the comfort as the first concern.

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