How to Bring Pets on a Plane

How to Bring Pets on a Plane

2 Aug 2013 12:53:00

You have a beloved pet? Sometimes you might feel if you could not bear if you have to leave your pet in the pet store while you are traveling in a long time. Sure you want to bring your pet along. There are several ways and procedures that you should know, to bring pets to fly by plane. Actually there are several things you can do, such as:

Flying with pets

You can bring your pet to fly in a plane with you. Before flying, there are some things you should do first, such as:

Find out about any airline allowing you to bring your pet, learn also about terms and conditions for each airline may have different policies and costs.

Complete required paperwork such as a letter from a veterinarian stating that your pet is healthy, if necessary, do some vaccinations before leaving, animal transport license from the local Department of Agriculture and disclaimer letter upon receipt at the airport.

Prepare a comfortable cage for your pet. Prepare the food, drinks, toys and equipment if required to make your pets stay safe and comfortable along the journey.

After that you can choose to use the cargo or baggage for carriage way on the plane. If you have a small pet, you can choose the luggage but if your pet is big you should use cargo. Cargo between animals and goods will be separated. If you plan to use the cargo you should go about eight hours before the scheduled departure.

Using a pet shipping services

Currently, there are many companies that provide cargo shipping for pets. You will have a simple way because you do not need to take care of the necessary documents such as quarantine and administration for cargo for the companies will take care of it for you. These delivery services are also happy to pick up and drop off your pet wherever you are. There are several applicable standards and regulations so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your pet.

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