Plane Tickets for Groups

Plane Tickets for Groups

28 Aug 2013 17:32:00

If you are planning to go on holiday with a group and need a plane ticket for groups or in large quantities, there are some things you should know before making a reservation. For group ticket booking, it is recommended for you to contact the airline directly. Group tickets is different with individual tickets you often book. You might often check tickets and find the appropriate promo price, but do not think you can order in large quantities because the promo ticket is usually very limited in available seats. Therefore, to make ticket reservations for a minimum of ten people you should directly ask to the airline and ask for a price bargain from them.

Procedures and rules of ordering airline tickets from one to another carrier also vary, for example Air Asia airline determines a random system to determine seating so even if you go in group and do ticket booking together but your seats on the plane can be separated. If this happens, you can work it out by swapping seats with other passengers, but in order to avoid noise you should sit down in advance according to your booking ticket seat, then swap seats with other passengers if they are also willing to. But there are also airlines that provide selecting seats for free when booking, so you and your group can have seats adjacent to each other. So is the check-in system, some airlines also provide check-in services for group or party. This will certainly make it easier for you.

Fly as group definitely needs more extra preparation at the airport. To make sure that there is not too late to go to the airport. Arrive early and do check in promptly. Do not forget to share your boarding pass to each member of the group so that group members can easily find their seats on the plane later so it does not hinder the pre-flight process.

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