New on Utiket: airline reviews.

New on Utiket: airline reviews.

5 Jan 2012 11:44:00

When selecting a flight the price of the ticket is very important of course. But there are other things to consider: a comfortable departure time, baggage allowance, free drinks and food and the quality of the airline. Most flights comparison websites only focus on ticket price, but we at Utiket believe we should and can offer more.

Therefore starting today we offer the option to share your experiences about an airline and a flight you had by adding a review. Was your flight delayed? Were cabin crew not professional? Or did you have a very comfortable flight and good service? Let us know and help other people with this information.

Adding a review is very easy: first rate your flight on five criteria: were you satisfied or not with the cabin crew, the condition of the aircraft, the check-in process, punctuality, and extras throughout the flight. Next tell us a bit about your flight and finally let us know when and with who this flight was and you are already done.

We will use this information to show to other people making it easier for them to select a flight. Often ticket prices for different airlines are pretty much the same, one airline just few dollars more expensive. If you can see that others rate the bit more expensive airline way better than the cheaper one, it is probably worth to spend that few dollars more and have a more comfortable and saver flight. Or if you read that an airline uses very old aircraft that may also be a consideration to select a bit more expensive flight with another airline with modern airplanes. Or you are about to book an expensive ticket because you believe the cheaper tickets are with unsafe airlines you may change your mind if you see that everybody is very satisfied with the very cheap airline.

Currently information like this is extremely difficult to find. But we believe this information about previous experiences of other people is important and can be of great help in selecting a ticket.

We need your help of course for this. Although we fly often ourselves we can of course not check and review every flight! Did you have a recent flight? Let us and others know about your experience and spend a few minutes to tell about it here!

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