Five Worst Plane Crashes

Five Worst Plane Crashes

14 Mar 2014 03:46:00

Although flying is by far the safest form of transportation, accidents still happen. Most accidents are minor ones, like a flat tire, but unfortunately major disasters with the loss of hundreds of lives happen as well, but only rarely thanks to the strict regulation. These are some of the worst plane crash ever occurred in the world:

KLM and Pan Am 1977

The accident occurred on March 27, 1977 and is the worst plane crash ever happened between a KLM plane and a Pan Am flight in Los Rodeos airport on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The aircrafts collided in midair due to poor communication between the pilots and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). In thick foggy weather the KLM plane took off without permission from the ATC while at the same time the Pan Am airplane was approaching the same runway for landing. A collision between the two planes was inevitable. A total of 583 died people, only 61 survived.

Japan Airlines 1985

The Boeing 747 - 100SR of Japan Airlines crashed on Mount Takamagahara which is near Mount Fuji in Japan on August 12, 1985. This accident took the lives of 520 people. The cause of the crash was a technical malfunction causing an explosion on the plane's tail section rendering the pilots to lose control of the plane which after about 30 minutes crashed into the mountain. Nearly all the passengers were killed in this accident, only 4 passengers miraculously survived.

Saudi Arabian Airlines and Kazakhstan Airlines 1996

This crash occurred near "‹"‹New Delhi on November 12, 1996. A total of 349 passengers died in the accident. Saudi Arabian Airlines airplane was taking off from New Delhi to fly to Dhahran in Saudi Arabia while the Kazakhstan Airlines was trying to land there. Both planes crashed into each other.

Turkish Airlines 1974

A Turkish Airlines flight on route from Paris to London suddenly exploded shortly after takeoff from Paris Orly Airport. The explosion was caused by an open cargo door which caused the a loss of air pressure and made the plane becomes unstable. It caused the fuselage and the entire hydraulic system to become damaged. The plane then crashed into a forest near Paris Ermenonville. A total of 346 passengers died in the accident. To commemorate this tragedy a monument bearing the names of the passengers who died in the accident was build at the scene of the crash.

Air India 1985

This tragic plane crash occurred on an Air India airplane on June 23, 1985 flying from Montreal in Canada to New Delhi, India. Sikh terrorist of ethnic Indians origin detonated a bomb inside the plane while the plane was at an altitude of 31,000 feet above the Atlantic. The plane plunged into the Atlantic Ocean with the loss of all 319 people aboard.

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